Front entrance to Las Vegas assisted living community Oakey Assisted Living & Memory Care.

How to Reduce the Costs of Assisted Living Care

Assisted living gives you peace of mind knowing that your elderly parent or grandparent is in safe hands and all their daily care needs are met effectively. However, assisted living costs can often go quite high, and they are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid either. So it will always be wiser to learn a few ways to keep the costs of assisted living care in check so that you can pick the right senior care facility for your elderly loved one.

Understand the Basics of Assisted Living

You need to be clear about what assisted living is and how it can help your senior. Different assisted living facilities offer different services to help their residents live a relaxed and comfortable life. This can go from daily meals and assistance with hygiene activities to recreational services and community activities. So you need to determine what services you need for your elderly parent or grandparent before choosing an assisted living option.

You should also see what added amenities, features, or safety measures are provided by the assisted living communities and how they can add to your overall costs. You can always consult with their counselor to clarify your doubts about the costs and see if there are any financing options available to meet the expenses of assisted living care. 

Research Different Assisted Living Communities

It is very important to find the right assisted living care facility for your loved one because it will be their home for the rest of their life. They should feel comfortable to move to the assisted living community, which is why in-person visits can be of great help when researching different facilities. Taking your senior on the tour can also help to figure out which amenities and features they are likely to use the most and which can be excluded from the list.

Note that location also plays a major role in determining the costs of assisted living. So you should also talk to your loved one about researching facilities in the neighboring cities or state to see if it helps to control the costs while giving you all the features and amenities required. Likewise, you can also inquire about price flexibility to negotiate the costs of assisted living care. Assisted living communities in Las Vegas, like Oakey Assisted Living & Memory Care, can offer your senior family member an option to say in a beautiful facility at a fraction of the cost of those found in much pricier states like California. Not only that, but Las Vegas assisted living communities offer beautiful scenic views and fresh air to help guests feel at ease.

You should also consider the type of room in the assisted living community – private rooms with luxury facilities will cost much higher than shared rooms with dual occupancy. Besides, it is also wiser to explore all the financing options like bridge loans, VA benefits, reverse mortgage, and life insurance policy benefits to see if you can use those to cover the assisted living costs and ensure high-end care for your loved one.