The Laws And Regulations Of Assisted Living

When you start to look for an Assisted Living Community for yourself or a loved one, it is imperative that you know the laws to be better equipped in making the best choice.  According to, Assisted Living rules and regulations in Florida are as follows:

-Standard licensure is required for all assisted living facilities.
-A separate license is required for extended congregate care and mental health services.

Staff Training:
-Direct-care staff other than nurses, certified nursing assistants, or home health aides must complete at least one hour of training in infection control, including universal precautions and facility sanitation procedures, before providing personal care to residents.
-An additional three hours of training on resident behavior and needs and assistance with activities of daily living must be completed within 30 days of employment.
-All staff must complete a continuing education course on HIV and AIDS biennially. Staff who prepare or serve food must complete a minimum one hour training covering safe food handling practices within 30 days of employment.

Overnight Staffing:
-If a facility has over 17 residents, there must be at least one person awake and on staff at all times.
-Depending on the number of residents, there must be a minimum of 168 staff hours per week and a maximum of 539 hours per week.

Eviction Laws & Resident Protections:
-Facilities must provide the resident 45 days’ notice of eviction.
-No reason is needed and the staff does not need to help evicted residents find new lodging.
-Residents are entitled to the Resident Bill of Rights which states that residents in a facility shall not be deprived of any civil or legal rights.

Inspection Laws:
-County health department officials are responsible for inspecting all license applications and licensed facilities.
-All facilities are required to be in compliance with local safety and building codes.

At The OakeyMaster we are committed to upholding every law and regulation to make sure that you receive the best retirement living you can.  You have worked all your life and deserve nothing but the best!