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Respite care services aim at offering you or your caring parent a break from the caring responsibilities. It may feel daunting to leave the care of your loved one to another person even for a small period of time, but it is good to know the options that are available so that you can come up with plans that are suitable for your situation. Opting for respite care services can help avoid caregiver burnout and stress. Also, keep in mind that you may need emergency respite care at short notice too. 

The type of respite care suitable for you can depend on your need. It can be a simple break for a night to catch up on some sleep or for a long period to let the caretaker have a proper holiday. If one of your elderly parents cares for the other, you might easily underestimate the toll it takes on them. Being responsible for the well-being of an increasingly frail person can be much stressful and exhausting. Therefore, it can be beneficial for the health of the caretaker to opt for respite care services.

Types Of Respite Care 

There are mainly four different types of respite care. These are: 


  • Homecare Or Domiciliary: The disruption can be reduced by arranging for someone to provide care in the home. Homecare services can be accessed through a professional homecare service or via a local charity. 

  • Respite Holidays: Opting for respite holidays can be a win-win. Many hotels, cruises, etc offer breaks for caregivers and specialist accommodation for people who are in need of extra care.

  • Day Care Centers: There are many daycare centers out there and a trip to such a facility can offer companionship and many activities. Daycare centers are usually aimed at socializing, but there are also many that provide personal care, together with to and fro transportation services. 

  • Residential Respite: This type of respite care service is offered in a residential home, a local care home, or a nursing home. Residential respite care services are usually offered for a short term. 


You can always opt for respite care services. But you should never forget your friends and family. If members of your family or friends circle are happy to offer temporary care to your loved one, it can be invaluable support. This can be especially true at a short notice.