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Boredom can be very disturbing and can make each moment intolerable. Some of the studies also show that boredom can be lethal. In a study based in Britain that followed more than 7,500 civil servants, it was discovered that people who claimed they were fed up with work were 250% more likely to die of cardiovascular issues when compared to others. The findings of the study might look extreme but other studies and research also support the claim that boredom can be lethal.


Many of us feel bored because we are lonely. Loneliness is called a public health epidemic by the National Institutes of Health. Other studies and research on the subject show that social interactions can keep people active and that remaining mentally active can help elderly adults live long and healthy lives. Read ahead to know why activities are important for seniors.


Social Interactions Can Improve Health 

Staying socially active can help seniors maintain good emotional and physical health, and can ensure better cognitive functioning. People who maintain close friendships live longer when compared to others who live isolated. Evidence from various assisted living and senior care facilities also show that social interaction can boost our immune system and can improve long-term health outcomes.


Exercise Ensures Health  

As per the experts in senior health, exercise and physical activity is a great way to remain happy and healthy. Proper exercise can reduce the risk of health conditions like diabetes, heart problems, and dementia. In addition, regular exercise can help seniors maintain healthy body weight, and can even help prevent depression.


Games Can Help Engage Brain 

Board games, puzzles, card games, etc can help engage our brain and can ensure interaction with others. Some of the senior living communities also offer computer rooms where the residents will be able to surf the internet, check email, etc. We are never too old to master a new hobby or technology. This can not only present a cognitive challenge for elderly adults, which can enhance brain functioning, but also offer chances to explore new things.


Music Can Energize Mind 

Listening to music can energize people and can improve the recall abilities of seniors. This is why music has an important role in senior living communities. Active and healthy residents are also offered a chance to master new musical instruments or improve their singing skills. Even seniors suffering from dementia can find music soothing and can help relieve anxiety.