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Oakey Assisted Living & Memory Care Reviews


“I came to the Oakey Assisted Living & Memory Care in 2009; this place saved my life. The room my daughter picked out for me overlooks the school and the children who go there. The trees and the surrounding grounds are beautiful. I love to walk outdoors and meditate. I also enjoy our trips to the beaches and parks. I am on the welcoming committee, serve at happy hour, and I go with the Marketing Team to do outreach. This is my home and the staff is my family.”

– Elizabeth Young

“The first time I walked into The Oakey Assisted Living & Memory Care I had a very warm feeling. The entire staff is very caring and helpful. I enjoy all the activities and social events that we have. I really enjoy the food; our chef does a great job. I feel that there is something for everyone here to in enjoy. I have made some wonderful friends with the residents and staff. The Destinations is a great place to live.”

– Peggy Sonnier

“I have been a resident at The Oakey Assisted Living & Memory Care for several years and I am a widow. I am happy here; never lonely, very safe, with friends and a caring staff.”

– Corinne Lerch

“We visited Oakey Assistant Living and were pleasantly impressed. Yes, the beautiful rooms, the dining area, and the activities throughout the day were all beyond our expectations. The one thing that made me feel this might be our answer was the friendliness of the staff to each other as well as to each of their residents. While touring the complex, I was greeted by all staff and what really impressed my heart was several residents approached us and introduced themselves and shared their story of how they came to be residents at Oakey. Although each story was different, they all pretty much ended with “it was the best move I could have made”.

Since we were given the option of a month to month rental it gave us the freedom to allow her to stay and have the experience before actually making the final decision. Mom immediately fell into the swing of the activities and appreciated her caregivers and enjoyed many of Oakey’s activities, as well as the medical team of caregivers was very attentive to her wants and needs.

I feel Oakey was a God-send for our family. It gave us the ability to be at our own homes back east and still feel confident that Mom was getting the best of loving care. I truly feel she lived a longer, happier, healthier and safer life at Oakey and her days were filled with activities and entertainment which gave her joy, laughter, peace and love.”

– Marie Audra Hart  – personal testimony & Google+

“This place rocks! The staff is genuine and caring. The company works with you as much as they can. I am so impressed with this senior living facility. The environment is clean and positive. They offer activities and have so many opportunities for tenants for activity. They even have poker night! The food is great and I love how nicely they have renovated the building.

Thank you so much Oakey for taking such great care of my father in law! You guys exceed any and all expectations!”

– KMB Cleaners – Google+ “Exceeding Any and All Expectations!”

“I toured Oakey before my grandma decided to move in. The first thing I noticed was the lush gardens. The smell of the building is not antiseptic- it smells like someone’s home. The furnishings are well maintained and there are little conversation areas with games set out invitingly. The apartments are nice and meals are included! There’s a billiards room, theatre and salon. I’m very happy that she’s living there.”

– Heidi Gail – Google+ “Feels like Home!”

“My dad recently moved into Oakey Assisted Living & Memory Care. It is wonderful and they have been great! The staff members so far have been excellent. My dad’s room is very nice; the bathroom is very spacious. The food is awesome! My dad is really happy over there, especially with the food; he can’t wait to get to the dining room. The place is very nice. The value for the money is wonderful and the location is ideal!”

– Tammy Joslin for – “The food is Awesome!”

“We went to Oakey Assisted Living & Memory Care. It was really nice, and it was smaller, but we really liked it. The staff was phenomenal and my sister and I liked them the best for price, from the way they looked, to how friendly everyone was. The staff knew everybody’s name, and it’s like a true family setting! They’re inside a gated community and they have access to everything in the community. It’s closer to downtown Las Vegas. The food smells good coming from the kitchen, and it’s very clean.”

– Debra Mell – “A True Family Setting!”

“Excellent place for care! Oakey is kind and helpful and offer the support you need. The Maintenance Department works very hard to make sure the needs of the seniors are met. They are invaluable! The Wellness Department checks on the health needs of the seniors and do an incredible job. Everyone pitches in to help and respond well to requests and communication is excellent and open and transparent. The Chef is amazing! They love to cook and it shows in their scrumptious menus that are healthy and diverse. Lots of activities for seniors! Oakey truly cares and treats them just like family. The place is clean and modern and updated and rooms are good size. A beautiful place to live! We could not be happier to have placed our loved on in their caring and gentle hands. The staff makes all the difference!”

– Dr. Lisa Edler  – Senior “A Beautiful Place to Live!”


The mission of Oakey Assisted Living & Memory Care is simple: We are in constant pursuit of providing you with a home that you are proud of, feel safe in and love. It is our vocation that we nurture your spirit while always treating you with dignity and freedom of choice. We pursue excellence in our celebration of you.

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