Nowadays, scammers find more ways of targeting the elderly population, including phishing and phone calls. Therefore, it is more important than ever before to protect this population from malevolent scams. The newest scams against seniors involve the COVID-19 epidemic. Here, as an assisted living Las Vegas facility, we will discuss some ways of avoiding scams as well as protecting the livelihoods, identities and finances of seniors.

Staying Up To Date

Keeping up with the pandemic-related scams on seniors will allow spotting one of these schemes before it leaves any damage. Make yourself familiar with the following scams in the mainstream and share the information with your older relative.

  • Counterfeit face masks and sanitizers
  • Text messages or emails claiming new information about COVID-19 that prompt the recipient to download those products after clicking on a link
  • Remote work-related scams
  • Fraudulent coronavirus test kits

Keep up with the warnings from the FDA about scams that target seniors. The more information you are aware of, the better you could overlook a scam at the right time.

Being Wary Of Unknown Numbers

Scams are evolving fast, so you must share with your relative updated information on how to keep one’s assets safe during the pandemic. More scammers try to exploit seniors by phone than ever before. Tell your relatives to be cautious when they get a call from an unknown number. Teach your family member the way of checking the dialing code, and when it is an unfamiliar number, they have to not only reject the call but also block that number.

Teach your relative not to accept calls from private or hidden numbers, because those usually come from scammers.

Staying Involved

Checking in on your older relative and being a frequent part of their life, are good ways of ensuring that they do not become a scam victim. You may plan activities, monitor their mobile device and internet use, and be with them for longer. Be sure that you tell your senior relative that they have to speak to someone trusted before buying anything by phone or online. When you cannot be with them around the clock, remember that assisted living facilities confirm that seniors always get the care that they require.

Protect Your Family Today With Assisted Living

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