Laughter Really IS The Best Medicine

You have always heard people say that laughter is the best medicine but now there is proof. Loma Linda University did a study to find out if there was a benefit for adults ages 60 – 70 years. They had their stress level and short-term memory measured in the study. They were put in two groups. One sat silently unable to communicate at all or even read. The other group watched a fun array of videos.

The participants gave saliva samples and took short memory test after 20 minutes in their groups. The study revealed that the group who laughed performed a great deal better in the memory recall category and had higher improvement in their ability to recall. The group that laughed showed lower levels of cortisol (meaning they were less stressed) from watching the funny videos. Other interesting findings by the researchers at Loma Linda University in California is that laughing can lower blood pressure, reduces stress hormone levels, tones your abs, improves your cardiac health, boosts T cells, triggers the release of endorphins (which helps ease pain) and produces a general sense of well-being! Now, that is no laughing matter!

It is recommended that older adults watch something humorous on TV at least 20 minutes a day! Laughter can be the long-term medication you have needed.

Find a funny TV series, a funny friend, go to a funny movie or comedy show… whatever you choose – just enjoy the laugher and better health!

“Knock Knock”
“Who’s there?”
“Orange who?”
“Orange you happy you read this blog?”

Okay, so maybe you want to find something funnier than that!