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It can be beneficial for seniors to have a family member accompany them to doctor appointments. Family members will be able to keep track of details and follow-up steps, and also advocate for the elderly adult during the visit. In addition, family members can share any specific concerns regarding pain management or memory and also provide realistic accounts of various symptoms experienced by the elderly person. 


If you are planning to accompany your senior loved one to a doctor’s appointment, you need to go in prepared. Note down the list of questions that you wish to ask the doctor so that you do not forget them. Here are a few important questions that you need to get clarity on. 


Are There Risks Of Falling? 

Falls can be risky for seniors and can pose serious dangers for them. Ask the doctor of your senior loved one about any risk factors that can lead to increased concern. As per the experts in senior care, some of the factors that can enhance the risk of falling include cognitive and memory problems, heart health issues, poor balance, and reduced strength. Enquire about the things that you can do to decrease the possibility of falls at home. 


Is A Speech, Occupational, Or Physical Therapy Referral Necessary? 

Outpatient therapy services can be often beneficial for elderly adults of all abilities. Visits with these therapists regularly can help increase flexibility and balance, and can also help with eating and memory issues. The doctor of your senior loved one can prescribe an evaluation to find if this could be a good option for your senior loved one.


Does The New Medication Of Your Senior Loved One Interact With The Current Medicines? 

Elderly adults generally take many medicines. With many doctors prescribing them, some medicines could negatively interact with each other. Therefore, you need to use the regular check-ups of your senior loved one to do a medication review with the doctor, thereby avoiding any medications that are no longer needed. 


What Local Resources Should I Know? 

Navigating the senior living and senior care industry is not an easy task and it can be beneficial to have recommendations from the doctor of your senior loved one. Try to learn about transportation options for the area, Meals on Wheels services, and support groups. The doctor of your senior loved one can offer much useful information regarding ensuring the safety and health of your loved one.