Age Is Only A Number, Let’s Get Moving!!


As we age, we see that life plays some games with our mind and our bodies! Here are some tips that will help you find your best self!  60 is just a beginning so let’s get moving to keep your body, mind and soul in shape.

Tip 1 Wake Up Refreshed, Stretch & Be Happy

Go to bed early so that you will naturally wake up without being startled by an alarm clock. It is much easier to be refreshed when you wake up after a long, strong sleep that refreshes your body.  Getting enough sleep is probably something you weren’t able to do before you retired.  Take advantage of it and get some good rest. While you are sitting in bed or once you stand, you can start to stretch your body.  When your feet hit the floor stretch out by reaching for the sky.

Tip 2 Find Your Passion

Are you a bird watcher?  Do you collect baseball cards or stamps?  Do you love animals?  Find out what your passion is and do this with others.  If you have the Internet, start reading all you can about what you love to do.  Go to a bookstore and find books on the subject.  You can get lost reading about your passion and not only are you feeding your heart but your brain benefits from you reading as well.  It is important to keep your brain working after retirement as well as your body.

Tip 3 Take Walks

Walking is an excellent way to keep your body’s circulation moving like it should be.  Gauge your walking pace to what you are comfortable at.  You should not be walking so quickly that you cannot breathe.  Walking is a relaxing and great way to be out in nature, enjoying the sights and smells. Cardiovascular health is one of the main problems people have.  If you need some encouragement to get outside, get a dog.  They need walks and you will enjoy their company. Dogs are therapeutic and can add sweetness to your life that you may be missing. Rescue one from the Humane Society. They will be loyal companions.

Tip 4 Weight Training

Don’t get scared. Nobody expects you to be in the next body building competition in your town.  When you are around the house or on your walk, pick up something heavy and work out with it.  You can do squats or lounges carrying a weight, a large rock or even your grandbaby.  Grab a heavy pot from the kitchen or even canned foods and use those to build strength in your arms.

Tip 5 Join a Club

If you are finding it hard to get motivated, join a club where you can take classes with others.  Having accountability partner’s help you stay on track and will enhance the work out for you.

The more active you are the better your body, mind and soul will feel. Have an attitude of gratitude, treat your body well and enjoy your retirement to the fullest!