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As we age, it becomes even more significant that we focus on our overall health. That said, meeting our health objectives should never be all about physical health. Cognitive health is also an important part of complete wellness, even if you are diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Many of the best memory care communities in the country already understand the importance of providing residents with different ways to stay cognitively active, and technology plays an important role throughout these communities. Some of how technology has improved senior living in various memory care communities are discussed below.


Enhanced Cognitive Fitness 

It is never too late or early to start focusing on cognitive fitness, including learning new things. Even for those seniors who are already living with dementia, finding time to take part in failure-free cognitive activities can help reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem. As per the reports from the National Institute on Aging, taking part in cognitive activities can improve the cognitive reserve of a person.


Technology can help make cognitive activities in memory care facilities more fun. You may notice a caregiver in a memory care facility using an iPad to look up old advertisements on YouTube to use in a reminiscing group. Residents can even take part in cognitive fitness sessions using programs on community PCs.


Security And Safety 

Making use of the latest technology and applications in memory care communities can increase security and safety. Thanks to the easy-to-use call systems that residents can make use to call for help easily. Aside from medical alert systems, technology can also be used to make certain that residents who galavant are guarded in their journeys.


Many memory care facilities have locked doors that can be opened using special code, ensuring that the residents of the community can wander safely without walking out of the secure area. Usually, courtyards will be accessible without an access code so that the senior residents will be able to enjoy nature whenever they wish.


Improved Activities 

Technology plays an important role in ensuring the quality of life of residents in memory care communities. When technology is used, events and programs will be elevated, offering possibilities like virtual museum tours or social hours led by performers located miles away. Family members can also take part in group trivia sessions and local schools can arrange plays for the residents. These opportunities allow the senior residents to experience events and programs that cannot be brought into the memory care community.