A man in assisted living discussing signs of dementia.

Dementia Symptoms To Track In Seniors

No one else will know your parent’s personalities better than you. Therefore, if you notice any unusual behavior, or have a feeling that something is off, chances are that it is. Aging is a big risk factor for Alzheimer’s and other dementia disorders. As per the experts, the danger of being affected with Alzheimer’s disease doubles every five years. This is especially true in the case of seniors aged 65 years and above.


Understanding the dementia symptoms and documenting the early stages can make a big difference in the treatment of these disorders. Also, your observations can offer valuable insights to healthcare professionals, which can result in faster and accurate diagnoses. Many seniors in senior living or assisted living communities suffer from Alzheimer’s and other dementia disorders, and the experienced staff in these facilities are capable of taking good care of them. The major dementia behaviors to track, as per the staff of senior living Las Vegas facilities might be helpful to you.


Signs Of Dementia In Seniors 

Signs of dementia can vary in elderly people, but there are few important warning signs to look out for. These are discussed below.


Difficulty Remembering Words 

It is quite normal for seniors to have lapses in thoughts at times. However, showing regular symptoms of forgetfulness can be a sign of dementia. If you find that your senior loved one loses track of thoughts mid-sentence or experiences difficulty in finding words during casual conversations, it might be due to the onset of dementia.


Difficulty Managing Finances 

Have you noticed your father failing to manage finances properly? Does your mom find it difficult to manage her taxes and balance her checkbook? You need to watch for the problem-solving skills of the person diminishing as they can be due to dementia.


Poor Decision Making 

Have you recently noticed any circumstances or actions that are out of the ordinary? For instance, has your dad been spending more money than usual? If you notice any type of unsafe habits or dangerous behavior, you need to discuss it with the doctors of your senior loved one.


Inability To Learn New Things 

If the favorite activity of your mom is cooking, but you find her struggling to follow a new recipe or use a new kitchen appliance, dementia might be causing it. Make sure to discuss with the doctor of your parents if you find your parents struggling to understand a new thing or avoiding new activities.