Hobby Ideas For Seniors After Retirement 

The trend shows that there are many seniors trading in their rocking chairs for golf carts and mountain bikes. Seniors these days demand much more from their retirement lives- more meaning, more fun, and more opportunities to thrive and grow. As per the experts in senior living, the average retirement lasts eighteen years, which is so much time to accomplish many goals. When you are going to be retired for a long time, you might as well pick up some new hobbies. 

Many seniors living in assisted living facilities nurture hobbies as they understand that hobbies are much more than just a way to waste the hours. Choosing the right hobbies may even help you live a long and healthy life. Shared below are some great hobby ideas by our assisted living professionals that can help you spend your retirement life happily. 


There is no right time to start exploring the world around you and your senior life can be the best time for it. You don’t have your boss yelling at you not to take a vacation or you don’t have kids in the backseat of your car, whining for your attention. If you are interested in traveling, you have many great budget options like: 

  • Renting a mobile home and traveling. 
  • Camping in national parks. 
  • Taring spaces with friends in other cities. 
  • Sharing home. 

Have A Second Career 

You can do the things that you always loved to do, but were unable to find the time for. For instance, you can take a pottery class and brush up on your skills, attend a writing workshop, or a public speaking class, etc. You can also use your second career as a source of income. 

Go Back To School

Your senior years can be a great time to get a new degree or finish the one that you started. This is because the prospect of going to school can be exhausting when you are working hard to raise your children. If your higher education goals were sidelined by the demands of life, you can always achieve your goal in your senior years. When you are retired, you will have more time and will be able to devote yourself to your studies without any tension or stress. You will be able to find many community colleges and universities that provide discounts to seniors. There are also others that let seniors audit classes for free.