A doctor speaking to a senior

Questions To Ask When Talking To The Doctor Of Your Senior Parent 

Most seniors will benefit from a family member accompanying them to doctor appointments. Family members accompanying seniors can keep track of details or recommend follow-up steps and also talk for the senior during the doctor visit. Family members can also share concerns regarding pain management or memory care with the doctor and also provide realistic accounts of symptoms experienced by the elderly person. You need to be thoroughly prepared before offering to accompany your senior loved one to an appointment with the doctor. The questions shared by senior care and other skilled nursing care providers can help you understand more about the health status of your senior loved one.


What Is The Risk Of Falling? 

Falls can be very dangerous for seniors and can be especially risky if the person is living alone at home. You can discuss the concerns of falling with the doctor of your senior loved one and inquire about risk factors that can lead to increased chances of falling. Some of the common factors that can increase the risk of falls include memory and judgment problems, heart problems, reduced balance, and diminished strength. You can enquire about the ways in which the risk of falling at home can be greatly reduced. Your senior one’s doctor will be willing to help you with this.


Is A Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Or Occupational Therapy Referral Required? 

Outpatient therapy services like speech therapy, occupational therapy, or physical therapy can be beneficial for seniors. Regular visits with therapists can improve the flexibility, mobility, and balance of seniors and also help with eating concerns and memory problems. The doctor can provide a prescription for evaluation if it can be helpful to improve the situation of your loved one.


Will The New Medication Interact With Any Other Medications Currently Being Used By The Senior? 

Generally, seniors can take many medications. With the variety of specialists and doctors prescribing them, some of the medications can negatively interact with each other without anyone noticing. Make use of the regular check-up of your loved one as a time to have a medication review with the doctor.


What Local Resources Should I Know About? 

Navigating the senior care and skilled nursing care industry can be a complicated task. This is why it can be beneficial to have recommendations from the doctor of your loved one. You can learn about the different transportation and meal options available in the area and groups.