Senior engaging in conversation with nurse.

Some Common Symptoms Of Dementia

Dementia is a progressive condition and will worsen over time. Therefore, it is important to identify
early symptoms to treat and manage dementia symptoms over the long term. Memory care experts in
our dementia care facility share some common dementia symptoms that can help you identify if your
senior loved one is suffering from dementia disorders.

Symptoms Of Dementia

Oftentimes, dementia begins with mild symptoms, many of which can be confused with general aging
and other health issues. Some of the common symptoms of dementia are:

Memory Loss

Memory loss is one of the earliest symptoms of dementia. Oftentimes, short-term memory issues can be
subtle and you could brush off the subtle symptoms of your senior loved one as forgetfulness. Memory
loss can also lead to symptoms of repetition, that is, your loved one may repeat questions, have an
obsessive collection of items, etc.

Paranoia And Delusions

You might think that this symptom is easy to recognize, but it can masquerade as cautiousness. For
instance, as your loved one ages, they can become very careful about locking the doors at night. This can
seem like a normal safety precaution, rather than a sign of paranoia. Suspiciousness and paranoia based
on dementia start with delusions. These delusions lead to suspicion and paranoia. Take note of such
behaviors of your senior loved one and if you find that the behaviors are based on delusions, your senior
loved one might be showing early signs of dementia.

Mood Swings And Changes In Personality

In the opinion of memory care experts, dementia disorders can affect judgment, which can lead to
changes in personality and mood. Anxiety, apathy and depression are some common dementia warning
signs. Sudden and extreme emotions, like aggression, agitation or anger can also occur. Your loved one
can also exhibit inappropriate behaviors due to dementia disorders.

Loss Of Words

Memory loss and loss of words are strongly connected. If your senior loved one is finding it difficult to
communicate, is unable to express themselves clearly, or experiences difficulty explaining things, it can
be an early sign of dementia.


Dementia can lead to confusion in day-to-day situations. Dementia sufferers can regularly experience a
temporary mental lapse. If your senior loved one is suffering from dementia, they may fail to follow
directions, recognize faces, find the right words, remember appointments, locate an item, etc, leading to
temporary confusion.