A senior recovering from a fall in assisted living.

Ways To Help Seniors Recover Emotionally After A Fall?

Falls can be dangerous to seniors as they can suffer significant injuries from a fall. They can also suffer from emotional injuries and trauma that can last long after the fall. If seniors cut back on walking for a long time, they can lose muscle tone and coordination which can, in turn, increase the risk of falling. Experienced staff in senior care homes and assisted living facilities can understand the level of stress that seniors feel when walking after a fall and they can help elders cope up with the situation. It is a whole different story in case of seniors staying in homes. As a family member, remember these pointers discussed below. 

Confidence Building Strategies For Seniors 

After the doctor of a senior has cleared the person to walk again after a fall, their family can do the below things to help them regain their confidence.

Discuss The Emotional Effect Of The Incident 

Seniors need to be given a chance to express their emotions after a fall. They can be anxious about walking, which is quite normal and they should know that the people around them understand their apprehension and that they are happy to discuss with them their concerns.

Assess The Environment For Tripping Hazards 

It is important to conduct a thorough inspection and correct issues like ridges in carpets, cluttered walkways, rugs without anti-slip backing, etc. This can give a senior person confidence that the risks and tripping hazards have been addressed.

Make A Plan For Exercise 

Seniors need to stay active as it can help them keep their muscles strong. Besides, regular exercise can keep the joints of seniors agile and can help maintain their balance and coordination.

Use A Fall Monitoring Device 

If the senior does not already use a wearable device that can be used to summon help in the event of a fall, it will be a good idea to consider one. It will be better to use a device that is capable of automatically detecting that the person has fallen.

Many seniors residing in their homes can return to their normal routine after a fall. As soon as the injuries from the fall have healed properly, they are ready to be moving again. For others, the incident of a fall can be a sign to consider moving to an assisted living or senior care facility. Caregivers in these facilities can offer assistance at a moment’s notice to ensure that physical injuries from the fall are promptly addressed to minimize emotional trauma.