Many of us think that healthy aging means giving up our morning cup of coffee. If you also think so, it is time that you think again. As experts in assisted living and senior living, a morning cup of Joe can help prevent many health issues related to aging, like heart health issues and dementia. It can also help boost your heart health.


Adding Coffee To Your Routine Might Help Your Heart 

Many studies claim that coffee can improve our heart health. However, until recently the mechanism through which caffeine enhances heart health was unknown. A recent study conducted on mice provides some clarity on this subject. The researchers studied heart attacks in mice and observed how caffeine affected the behavior of the cardiovascular system in mice. 


The study revealed that caffeine affected the movement of a protein called p27 into heart cells. It is this protein that helps the endothelial cells of the heart move. These cells line blood vessels and the study suggests that caffeine can activate a protein that supports healthy and elastic blood cells.


The research also disclosed that p27 protein stimulated by caffeine, averted heart cells from dying at the time of a heart attack. In addition, by supporting and enhancing the healthy movement of the endothelial cells of the heart, a cup of coffee can help slow down the effects of time on the cardiovascular system.


Other Benefits Of Coffee 

Caffeine present in coffee has antioxidant properties which can help fight oxidative damage due to aging. There are also other potential benefits of adding a cup of coffee to your daily routine and these are shared below.

  • Improves Cognition: It is believed that caffeine can prevent age cognitive damages and impairment. It can also help prevent or delay the onset of dementia symptoms in seniors. 
  • Reduces Stroke Risk: A study conducted to find the effect of caffeine revealed that just a cup of joe per week can reduce the risk of heart failure and stroke. 
  • Improves Mental Health: Caffeine present in coffee can provide a mood boost that can help the user feel active, alert, and motivated. Studies also show that caffeine can reduce the danger of several mental health concerns. 
  • Reduces Cancer Risk: As per the results of a study, having four cups of coffee per day can cut down the risk of developing oral cancer.