Tips For Transitioning To Senior Living

Change can often be difficult. Transitioning to a senior living resort can be a daunting task as well as quite emotional and stressful. Many often feel that they are saying goodbye to their life. Changing your mindset to seeing it as another fun adventure can help to motivate you and help ease you into the transition.  Living at a senior living resort has actually been a dream come true for The OakeyMaster residents! Our friendly staff is here to assist make the transition an easy and enjoyable one.

Here are a few tips:

MAKE A MOVING PLAN. Like moving into a new home, organize your items into what possessions you will be taking with you. It is important to consider what items will fit into your new home and which items won’t. Create a schedule backwards from the moving date so it doesn’t sneak up on you.  Make it a fun event by inviting your family and friends over to help you pack. When the boxes are packed, have the grandchildren have color coded stickers. Red stickers can go on the boxes with kitchen items, blue stickers will be the bathroom items, orange for the living room and so on! If you start early enough, you will notice how nice it is to reminisce while packing. When the family is there you just might find yourself with a whole lot of “Remember when…” stories!

ASK FOR HELP. Do not be shy about asking and accepting help! Keep in mind that this transition is also affecting your loved ones as they surely have many great memories of the home you raised them in. Let them stay involved and help as much as they can or want to. Moving is a larger task that it appears even for the most organized person.  Allow the movers to take the large items. Invite neighbors, family, friends to help you pack up the smaller items. The more the merrier and the quicker the time will go by before you can start unpacking and enjoying your new home and make new friends!

WELCOME THE COMMUNITY. As you drive into The OakeyMaster, you can not help but notice how welcoming it is.  Keep in mind that it will only help if you are open to your new community. It is perfectly normal to be nervous, anxious and even a little grumpy as it is no secret that moving can be challenging. Try to take deep breaths and remember that you are about to start a new and exciting journey. Smile, breath and wave!! The OakeyMaster is built so if you want or need your alone time, you can have it but if you want new friends, they are everywhere for you! Enjoy yourself.

You must remind yourself that you deserve the best! You have worked hard all your life and you should have a dream retirement. The OakeyMaster will make sure you are well equipped to enjoy every day!

Happy Transitioning!