A Few Board Games To Help You Connect With Your Senior Loved Ones 

People of all ages need to connect with others. But, studies have shown that socialization is even more important as people age. Feelings of perceived loneliness are connected to a rapid decline in cognitive capabilities, many health issues, and even premature death. However, this does not mean that elderly adults should host large parties to ensure the benefits of socialization. Instead, seniors can cultivate relationships with family members and friends to boost their overall physical and emotional health. 

In the opinion of experts in our assisted living facility, if you are looking for ways to connect with your senior loved one, you can consider board games. Shared below is a list of board games for seniors. 

Ticket To Ride 

This board game is available in a few versions and can be a great way to pass the time. Anyone of any age can play the game and it takes a bit of risk and strategy to build your train cars across the country.


This game moves quickly and is a very good brain exercise for seniors. Scattergories require vocabulary skills and complex thinking, both of which can give the mind of your senior loved one a very good workout. Also, you need not worry if your senior loved one suffers from arthritis that makes gripping a pencil painful. You can use the dice and cards to make the game into a group effort. 

Escape The Crate 

Escape rooms can be great group activities for elderly adults as they need a great deal of communication. You will be able to find many escape room-inspired games at your local store or you may even try a subscription service. 


This game includes a small wooden board with marbles. Mancala is a strategy game and can be perfect for two people. As it does not involve many properties, it can be suitable for a glove compartment or a picnic basket. 


Even though this game does not have a board to play on, it can be very interesting for elderly adults. This game can help exercise the brains of seniors and is very portable, making it suitable to take with you to the next visit to the assisted living apartment of your senior loved one. 

For senior living, it is crucial to stay socially active in retirement and these board games can help ensure that your senior loved one stays socially active in their golden years.