Finding the Best Assisted Living Facility for Couples

Maintaining strong relationships during the old age is vital to improving the quality of life in seniors. Assisted living for couples allows seniors to make the move together and preserve the bonds of their long-term relationship. This works great to improve the physical and mental well-being of seniors. While the amenities and facilities can be chosen as per the individual needs, the option to stay with their partner ensures that seniors are happy and satisfied with the move to the assisted living facility.

Finding the Best Assisted Living Facility for Couples

Assisted living communities allow seniors to live as independently as possible, while providing all the assistance they need with their daily chores like housekeeping, laundry, meals, etc. Some assisted living facilities for couples also offer workout programs and recreational activities to keep seniors mentally and physically active. However, not all assisted living communities are alike, which is why you should consider the below factors when choosing one.

Features and Amenities

Check what type of dedicated care the assisted living facility offers. Likewise, ask them what leisure activities are available for their residents. Generally, an assisted living community would have round-the-clock staff for any kind of assistance needed. They should also offer a good level of nursing care for seniors, as well as give them the opportunities to socialize by organizing monthly or weekly events. Some assisted living communities for couples even have movie nights, which helps seniors to rekindle their past romantic memories.

Respect for Personal Preferences

Understand how the assisted living facility caters to the personal preferences of senior couples. This is essential to ensure that seniors feel comfortable and contended after moving to the assisted living community, and can continue with their routines and companionship as usual. Most of the assisted living facilities have different types of apartments and suites designed to honor the privacy and personal preferences of senior couples. At the same time, seniors get access to 24×7 support staff for any care needs as required.

Continuum of Senior Care

Senior care can change over time. Therefore, it is very important to check what type of senior care is provided at the assisted living facility. There are many assisted living communities, which offer dedicated care to their seniors as needed. This may include short-term medical care for any illness, extra support to move around in case of an injury, assistance to help regain mobility and strength, etc. They may also offer other tailored services to accommodate the senior care needs of their residents.