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Holiday Nutritional Tips For Seniors With Complicated Health Conditions

The holiday season is a time of reconnecting with family and of course, eating lots of tasty food items.
However, for people with medical conditions placing restrictions on food items that they are able to eat,
holidays can be a tough time to ensure healthy eating. Therefore, it is important for you as a family
caregiver to come up with realistic plans to ensure healthy eating during the holidays. Caregivers in our
senior assisted living facility share some tips for family caregivers to help their senior loved ones make
healthy nutritional choices over the holidays and ensure their health.

Encourage Loved Ones To Be Comfortable Declining Some Foods

Your senior loved many feel it rude to decline a dessert or a tasty meal. Let your senior loved one know
that it is okay to politely decline food items that are not suitable for their health. Always remind your
loved ones to look beyond momentary gratification.

Give The Host A Heads Up On Diet Restrictions

It is always a good idea to give the host a heads-up about the nutritional considerations of your senior
loved one. A good host will always be glad about you letting them know if your senior loved one has any
dietary restrictions.

Encourage Portion Control

At times, it might be okay for medically complex seniors to have a small bite of their favorite dessert.
The important thing here is to know the limits, and stop eating when the limit is reached.

Consider Bringing Your Own Food

To ensure senior health, you can consider bringing healthy and nutritional food when going to a family
gathering or a party. You should also make sure not to isolate your senior loved one and encourage
others to share the food items that you have brought.

Rely On Support System

For seniors with disabilities or chronic health conditions, it can be easier to follow through on new habits
when there is a caregiver and support team that understands their goals and wish to see them succeed
in their goals.
There are various strategies that can help seniors enjoy the holidays while ensuring good nutrition and
maintaining health. By planning ahead, setting goals and staying motivated to follow the goals, you can
make sure that your senior loved one maintains healthy eating habits this holiday season. You can also
get help from a dietician to ensure that your loved one is eating healthy and nutritious meals.