Individual being cared for at an assisted living facility

Some Common Questions About Assisted Living

There are many senior living options available today than ever before and most of them fall into four
main categories: memory care, independent living, skilled nursing and assisted living. However, assisted
living is often the most popular and versatile choice for seniors. Our senior care experts share some of
the most commonly asked questions about assisted living facilities.

What Does Assisted Living Provide?

Assisted living communities in the country offer luxury amenities and various supportive services that
are aimed at improving the wellness of the residents. Caregivers will be present in these facilities round
the clock and offer personalized assistance and also offer the residents a helping hand with tasks such as
housekeeping, showering, dressing, etc. There are also nurses in these facilities to devise and oversee
personalized care plans to ensure that the residents receive the level of support required to stay healthy
and energetic.

What Doesn’t Assisted Living Provide?

Assisted living facilities offer round-the-clock support from caregivers. But, they do not offer skilled
nursing interventions. Therefore, elderly adults with complex medical needs should seek care in a skilled
nursing facility. Assisted living communities do not offer skilled nursing interventions like:
 IV therapy
 Short-term rehabilitation services
 Complex wound care
 Catheter care
 Injections
 Care for adults with developmental disabilities
Further, though assisted living facilities offer therapies like occupational therapy, speech therapy and
physical therapy on-site, these are considered ‘in-home’ or ‘outpatient.’ On the other hand, therapy
services that are provided in a skilled nursing facility are considered inpatient.

What Do Assisted Living Facilities Include?

Residents of assisted living facilities live in a cottage or an apartment of their own inside the community.
Most of the assisted living facilities in the country are rooted in luxury amenities and hospitality.
Therefore, residents receive great service and attention similar to what they can get at a five-star hotel.

Who Can Live In These Communities?

Seniors who could benefit from caregiver support and clinical oversight offered in assisted living
communities are a great match for these communities. These seniors can have peace of mind knowing
that help is nearby in case of emergency, in addition to having a helping hand with various daily tasks
that they struggle with. Most residents of assisted living communities will need some sort of help, but
will not require complex medical care or constant supervision. They may be having some medical
condition that can result in a small decline in their overall independence or may live with chronic pain
but are still quite independent and wishes to be a part of a social community.