A nurse and a resident in an assisted living home.

What Are The Benefits Of Physical Therapy For Older Adults In Assisted Living? 

Many elders suffer from physical conditions and problems that make it arduous for them to move with ease. This can happen as a result of health issues or age-related conditions and physical therapy can be useful in such cases. The insights shared by experts in senior living communities can help you know more about the benefits of physical therapy for your senior loved ones. 

Enhance Range Of Balance And Motion 

In the case of most of our seniors, falls can be a risky affair and can make them ultimately end up in an emergency room. Some falls can result in injuries that will need surgery and long recovery times. Physical therapy can help strengthen the body of seniors thereby helping in preventing falls. Moreover, proper physical therapy can help seniors balance more easily, react quickly and move confidently. 

Manage The Symptoms Of Health Conditions 

Arthritis is one of the common health conditions among seniors which can result in painful joints, which can make managing daily tasks difficult. With the help of physical therapy, seniors can improve the strength of their joints and use the joints more freely. Besides, physical therapy can help in other health conditions like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and osteoporosis. 

Recover From Surgery Or Illness 

After an injury or a hospital stay, it would seem that the best way to recover is to take bed rest. However, this will only work when it is combined with proper physical therapy. In reality, with the help of a physical therapist, seniors can heal faster than with just bed rest. 

Improve General Health 

Exercise is a great way to stay strong and healthy. Nonetheless, in the case of seniors, exercise needs to be managed carefully to avoid overstraining and prevent injuries. In an assisted living facility, a physical therapist can help the seniors address health concerns, develop an exercise plan and ensure that the health needs of the seniors are managed properly. 


It is important to keep in mind that when looking for a physical therapist for your senior loved one, always try to find an experienced person who is capable of working with seniors. Many of these facilities offer the service of onsite physical therapists. If your loved one needs physical therapy sessions, you can look for senior living or assisted living facilities that provide the service of physical therapists as it can make the stay of your loved one comfortable and problem-free.